The most awaited IE7 is now available for beta 2 evaluation with some great features as follows:

o    Tabbed browsing
o    RSS feed manager
o    Advanced print previews
o    Dynamic security protection
o    Web test recorders
o    IE DOM explorer to explore HTML source in tree view


IE7 Look & Feel


Multiple Webpages at one glance  
[On clicking 4Square button near tablist] 


At the first glance you won’t love it, but as you use it, you will… Main menu is now auto-hidden to increase visible area. More ever you can download DevToolBar having great features for debugging and content control. Read more about IE at IEBlog.

Still this realese is not stable as what I have experienced (some times it crashed).

Microsoft is in action releasing Visual Studio 2005 & SQL Server 2005, Windows Vista beta, IE7 Beta, Office 12/2007 beta…

~ Ankit 

3 thoughts on “IE7

  1. Ankit

    (IE7 Bugs) or (What I not liked about it):

    » Open multiple Windows of IE (not multiple tabs) open some site, and open another new window. When IE finds the website on the first window it brings it on the top and sets focus! This made me to loose typed text !

    » Open Compose page of YahooMail. Type some lines and come back to the middle of any line. Pressing backspace won’t refresh the text area!

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  3. Vinod Mishra

    Well I have been using it since last two months ( I was a beta tester when this beta was not available to general public ) and believe me installing it will be a complete waste of time. Its a complete rip off of Mozilla Firefox. Infact the RSS Feed Icon has been take as it is from Firefox without any change. In short Microsoft IE 7.0 sucks bigtime.

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