Ahmedabad Mapped on Google Earth

I was waiting for Ahmadabad to be mapped on Google Earth!

And finally when I started Google Earth today found a new detailed layer for Ahmedadabad(Ahmadabad). Moreover various cities from Gujarat like Mehsana, Vadodra, Surat, Div-Daman, Veraval Patan and sea coast area are also mapped with high resolution satellite images. The newly developed city of Ahmedabad (off side the river) is not mapped entirely. Here are some snaps of Ahmedabad:

AEC : Power House : Torrent
[Torrent Power]

Famous Motera Stadium
[Motera Staduim]

[Kankaria lake] 

I remembered I have posted a comment on Vinod’s Blog about how much time they will take to fly from Kalol to Mumbai, and now the time has arrived.

Really, I am amazed and pleased to see ariel view of my house from Google Earth and flying to various parts of city.
{For security reasons, I’ve now uploaded ariel view of my house ;).}
[Pune on Google Earth]

If you still don’t have Google Earth, get it NOW!  

~ Ankit

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