Security Shoot Out

“why not to write about Microsoft, when working on their technologies?” so I created a separate category for it and now, I’d be writing about them regularly. Here is the first one, about their security contest.

Microsoft India has come up with security competition Security Shoot Out. In the stage one, you have to answer 30 security questions, and they will shortlist 1000 participants whom have to answer 30 questions again for stage two. For the last stage, 100 participants, will be given code base on .NET 2.0 having security related bugs. Stage 1 has been started from 20th March & will end on 19th April 2006.

And about prizes, killing custom build Scorpio passion, laptops, pocket PCs and may be an offer to work on latest technologies with Microsoft.




Stage -I

1000 Early Bird


Stage -I

Top 5000

Developer Security CD

Stage -II

Top 1000

Book on secure code writing

Stage -II

Top 500

Microsoft Security Certification Voucher

Stage -III

Top 100

USB 2.0 powered 80 GB external HDD

Stage – III

Top 10

Pocket PC with 1 GB Memory Card

Stage- III

Top 3


Stage -III


1. Free TechEd India Attendance
2. Customized Scorpio Passion (car)

~ Ankit

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