Windows Live !

Besides providing free domains with Office Live, they have entered into active competition against Google. Google started giving free domain-email hosting, Google/Hosted for small companies on there servers with GMail, here comes Microsoft with … Windows Live™ Custom Domains.

More @ Lots of stuff under the brand name “Live”.

  • Live Shopping — Find the products you’re looking for, read review, recommend.
  • Live Mail Desktop Beta — One place to see e-mail from multiple accounts. I guess this is possible with Outlook 2007.
  • Live Expo Beta — Expo is an online social marketplace where you can exchange goods/ideas or information with anyone you choose. Just like Google Base.
  • Live Favorites — now that your Internet Explorer Favorites can travel with you.

Pumping new services over-n-over. Now the question is who will survive. One thing is clear that this competition has given lots of free stuff to users. The online world is being better, simpler and effortless. The old tradition in which you have to buy a service is changed. This is actually Web 2.0!

Frankly speaking, before buying anything search well for it!

~ ankit

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