Orkut Blocked! ^ No Worries!

Orkut lovers,

Is Orkut Blocked in your organization/network, No worries…. here are some hacks:

  1. Try https://orkut.com
  2. Else, try https://images.orkut.com
  3. Else, try https://images3.orkut.com
  4. Else, use any of the following anonymous web proxies, means virtual browser.


Well, if you are using images.orkut.com, it won’t show you images. You might need (if you really want) a plug-in, IE-Orkut.zip, to fix the same. Download and install IESetup.msi, Open IE, and logon to https://images.orkut.com, right click within the browser and say ‘Fix Orkut’. Probably it will display few security warnings (because of certificate error), just ignore all those by clicking Yes.

~ Ankit
[Never surf Internet, feel it]

[ Edit By Ankit on 30th Sept 2006: Hack to an Hack !

Well, basically the setup just copies some files to Windows\System32 folder. One of it is FixOrkut.html. Open this file in any text editor and replace “images.orkut.com” with “orkut.com” in the first “if” condition, to make it working for https://www.orkut.com also. Read more at Writing Extensions for Internet Explorer ]

[Here are some anonymous proxy websites. Try them out. I guess for few of them this will work.

http://concealmy.info, http://proxyindex.com, http://underfirewall.com, http://hugeproxy.com, http://proxyfree.org, http://unblockweb.com, http://proxy80.com, http://slickproxy.com, http://goproxing.com, http://modernproxy.com, http://proxylord.com, http://japanproxy.com, http://ehobo.com, http://atunnel.com, http://proxoid.com, http://blockbegone.com, http://proxyline.us, http://proxyweb.net, http://antifw.tk, http://usa.mygr8.info, http://proxsafe.net, http://proxytips.com, http://backfox.com, http://shoutproxy.com, http://unblockthis.com, http://daveproxy.co.uk, http://stealthclick.com, http://myproxy.ca, http://dejacey.com,
http://proxyspy.com, http://netsack.net, http://cloakme.net, http://7eth.com, http://proxycover.net, http://proxynanny.com, http://rockproxy.com, http://proxymummy.com, proxy.tl, letmepast.com, myinternetproxy.com, seekproxy.com, proxcloak.com, proxxed.net, myspaceproxyy.com, http.ws, arandomproxy.com, dunkindonuts.be, blockstop.net, buzzysplat.com, pureprivacy.com, proxyhttps.com, bombproxy.com, fullyproxy.com, pruxxy.com, getaroundfilters.com, sneakyuser.com, ipdefend.com, proxydown.com, proxydrop.com, pipeproxy.com, spysurfing.com, yourportal.us, pruxxy.com, pimpmyip.com, killerproxy.com, anonasurf.com, proxyzap.com, snoopblock.com, afreefunkoxy.com, foxyproxy.net, officeproxy.net, provacy.com, proxy.icarusindie.com:2004, proxylife.com, surfonsteroids.com, w00tage.com, jcz.net, browsefrom.com, dirtyproxy.com, proxace.com, illegalproxy.com, proxyflux.com, roboproxy.com, v3proxy.com, privprox.com, ninjaproxy.com, jiggyproxy.com, webwarper.net, zeroproxy.com, proxytheweb.com, blockmenot.com, proxydevil.com, angryproxy.com, proxee.net, etproxy.com, firewalldown.com, proxybum.com, cdweb.info, proxyvibe.com, boxofprox.com, blockmenot.co.uk, prooxle.com, guardster.com, nevercaught.com, shipproxy.com, fullyproxy.com, gopast.net, proxytiger.com, hideus.com, bypasslive.com, grandproxy.com

29 thoughts on “Orkut Blocked! ^ No Worries!

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  2. gordhan singh rathore

    are yaar these anonymous stuff doesn’t really works as Orkut uses https… as i am a new bee…..i dont know more abt it. in should could you help me in browsing orkut by anymeans in my company.

    ~ gordhan

  3. Ram Kinkar Pandey

    These steps which you told are not usefula in our case. We have web sense configured on proxy, and all these sites like images, images3 https:// all are blocked explicitly, have you some more idea, ya one more thing we have tried almost 150 proxy sites but all are blocked.

  4. shekar

    in my organisation even the images.orkut is blocked only bcoz the url consists of the words orkut…….(as i can see the reason why it gets blocked)
    so what would be the solution for this…..Plzz help….

  5. chandan

    Hello Ankit,
    well i tried all the sites u mentioned above in order to access the orkut but none of them seems to be working at all.
    Do u have any other solution for my problem.

  6. vivek

    These steps which you told are not usefula in our case. We have web sense configured on proxy, and all these sites like images, images3 https:// all are blocked explicitly, have you some more idea, ya one more thing we have tried almost 150 proxy sites but all are blocked.
    Tell me the another solution to unblock orkut…………..

  7. ani

    i was able to go on login page but its not going inside after giving username & password.
    plz send appropriate solution

  8. Sahaja

    In my although orkut is blocked but all can open it through v-tunnel except me. Why only my account is not opening?

    can u plz help me in this regard?


  9. sonal tandon

    hi everyone

    in my office orkut is banned

    but i run through ghostproxy3.com

    this is little bit slow

    but atleast it runs and you can see all images

    so rock on orkut

  10. Daniel

    None of the proxies work at my work place. But i guess there are some browser settings that needs to be changed.someone please help me with this

  11. Ankit

    What more i can do?

    I pointed out few things waht i know. These may work for few of them.

    Thank you all for your valuable comments.

    ~ Ankit

  12. Ankit

    Actually, that login is a frame inside html page. Atunnel.com efficiently manages frames and can let you in.

    I have disabled comments for this post because of lot of spams.
    ~ Ankit