Review: mama_pendse

Well, it easy (as an Software Proffessional) to think about the ability of an AI chat-robot. Here is a simple chat that I had with “Mama_Pendse“:

Ankit Jain: hi
Ankit Jain: u there ?
mama_pendse: Hi Ankit Jain, How are you today ?
mama_pendse: Thanks for the information.
mama_pendse: I can tell climate in any city in World, send me message climate mumbai
Ankit Jain: well what’s the weather in Pune
mama_pendse: Cloudy.
Ankit Jain: give me more info
mama_pendse: Why do you want it?
Ankit Jain: just for my information
mama_pendse: Your purpose is his or her information.
Ankit Jain: i asked you for weather information of Pune
mama_pendse: Why do you want it?
Ankit Jain: ok.leave it
Ankit Jain: what’s there in Mumbai
mama_pendse: Dude! Goodbye.
mama_pendse: You ask difficult questions.

You would love to read the answers it gives; even it remembers your last chat with him. It understands chatting abbreviations. Ask him about its creator, weather of a city.

4 thoughts on “Review: mama_pendse

  1. Mohit Batra

    Dude, i have seen this kind of s/w somewhere arnd 6 yrs back i guess :), which was named Billy. Jst check it out, even tht was amazing…and in some ways better…atleast it never said “good bye..u ask difficult questions”…i always had to kill the command prompt process πŸ™‚

  2. Tim

    This tool “mama_pendse” has been created by a guy who was working in Cognizant. Then he sold this thing to “Seed Infotech in Pune”!

    Just FYI πŸ™‚