code search useful for hackers

These days I’m keeping a *big* eye on any new service they launched (any Internet service) and to be the first to use. Yesterday they launched code search, and I tried counter part of it:

I am not responsible for any damage you do with the knowledge you get from above links! Take Care!

~ Ankit

3 thoughts on “code search useful for hackers

  1. Max

    Hey, what would I do with the Winzip Serial Key Generator code in a hypothetical situation if I wanted to, you know, use it or whatever? If you can’t address hypothetical situations in your comments, please e-mail me the hypothetical answer. Thanks. 🙂

  2. abhishek tomar

    yar…orkut is banned in my college….
    do help….
    even images.orkut and images3.orkut are banned…
    tell alike>.

    will b really tha nkful>>

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