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Q: How many times in a day you wait for Adobe Acrobat Reader to load?

A: Almost 2-5 items a day, as I’m an avid Internet user. Let me list down where Acrobat Reader sucks:

  1. The Adobe Reader 8 installer a massive 20.8MB setup to download and time consuming setup.
  2. Version 5 was roughly fast whereas new versions are becoming more memory hungry and CPU intensive and version 7 is damn hungry. It takes almost 10-15 seconds to load!
  3. Frankly speaking, I hate their patents listed in splash screen.
  4. If a PDF file has high graphics it sucks further and application hangs for few seconds.
  5. Seriously I’m looking for a replacement!

Hmmm! a serious problem that affects my efficiency directly. Let’s search for a better solution. Wow I got it as first result!

Foxit v3.0 is the answer to all my worries. It’s a free light-weight (only 2.98 MB) and amazingly fast PDF viewer and printer. A 19 MB PDF file when opened, virtual memory required by Foxit was just 10 MB against massive 23 MB for Acrobat Reader.

Even the installer is just an extractor and does not require specific permissions to install. Quite handy in cybercafe. Its user interface is same as Acrobat Reader and you won’t feel using a different viewer.

– Ankit

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7 thoughts on “Foxit – PDF Reader

  1. taslim

    Useful one.. can u listen to pdf docs..there is a key..ALT+F7 or something.It slipped out of my u have any clue?

  2. Ankit

    In Windows XP, the [win] + ‘S’ key works fine in few windows and it reads out the text content.

    I tried if for PDFs but didn’t work. 🙁

  3. Pavan Kulkarni

    You are right.. Foxit has changed my perspective of looking at PDFs.. I have been using it for more than a year now..
    By the way.. Ankit.. I have been recruited into your company recently.. looking forward to it!

  4. Robinson

    Have been using it since a while.. and true as it says its a lightweight and a good pdf reader. Well talking about the MS technologies how about the XPS reader?

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