Useful add-ons (plugins) for Visual Studio 2005

Extensibility of Visual Studio 2005 made developers to write custom tools, aka plugins, making your everyday tasks simpler. Here are few must have tools:

  1. Visual Studio Add-Ins Every Developer Should Download Now, SmartPaster is very handful
  2. Create a Debugger Visualizer in 10 Lines of Code: Explains writing debug visualizer. If you cannot read article, downloading binaries and installing the image visualizer would be surely helpful.
  3. Line Counter
  4. Opening solution folder, See class definition on MSDN2, Search in Google – All of these available at single right click,
  5. Visual Studio IDE enhancements: Switch between C/CPP and H files, find document in the Solution Explorer, Cut and copy (plain text only)
  6. Free SlickEdit® Gadgets: Auto-copy selection, Line ruler, Indentation guide
  7. ZipStudio: Create Zip of you solution with single right click
  8. Visual Studio 2005 add-in for sorting imports/using blocks
  9. Resource Refactoring Tool: provides developers an easy way to extract hard coded strings from the code to resource files (donkey work 😉 )
  10. Refactor! for ASP.NET 2.0 : 25 advanced refactoring tools in one package.

– Ankit

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2 thoughts on “Useful add-ons (plugins) for Visual Studio 2005

  1. Vladimir

    I happy to use ReSharper and RGreatEx. The RGreatEx is Best Localization Plug-in for Visual Studio.