Sony Ericsson W660i: Features (Review)

Two days back I bought W660i, a Walkman series mobile phone from Sony Ericsson. It features 2 MP Camera, Walkman 2.0, FM Radio, 512 MB card, Bluetooth, Video Call, Email/RSS, USB mass storage, Flight mode, Synchronization services, Stylish, and all these in less than INR 9K.

Front and Side view of W660i

In addition to those common features, this phone features something new. In this post I’m going to write those specifications which you won’t be able to know unless you buy the phone. Here are a few:

  1. Bright display! I can read text even in sun light. The phone comes with preloaded high contrast images, watching those you can see how much color contrast it delivers !!! – far from any other manufacturer in the same prize range.
  2. 3.5mm jack support. This allows any kind of head phones to be used with the phone.
  3. Text Copy/Paste feature. Handy for coping/writing SMS.
  4. J2ME with support of – Internet access, File system read/write access API, camera API, Messaging APIs, automatic start, local connectivity API, running Java apps in background.
  5. You can have at max 1000 Contacts, 1000 SMS memory and 380 events/tasks. (~26MB internal memory)
  6. 5 alarms, and you can also set FM alarm.
  7. Two kind of keypad lights. White for normal purpose and Orange when Walkman is running. The orange light blinks on the beats of the song.
  8. USB charging: When you connect this phone to PC it start charging from the USB cable.
  9. Flash Menu: The main menu in this phone is built using Flash Lite. You can switch the orientation and look of the menu. Menu items can be tiled, horizontally or vertical aligned, and can have cool animations.
  10. Synchronization is one of the most important service that we should use. In short taking backup of the phone data. I sync my phone regularly with PC. The phone supports synchronization via USB data cable, Blue-tooth, or internet server.
  11. Stereo Bluetooth, Picture Blogging, Voice Dial + Playing Caller’s name, Big Fonts, Video Ringtone, etc;

Go and get the phone… it’s a worth buy cellphone.

Note: The camera is not good as compared to ‘K’ series (remember it’s Walkman phone, and this is acceptable). Still it supports EXIF, Night Mode, Effects, Self Timer, No shutter sound (in silent mode), etc;


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6 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson W660i: Features (Review)

  1. namrita

    how do u set d fm alarm???

    n is it possible to make n receive
    calls from the headfones?

  2. Ankit

    When you goto Alarms menu, open up Alarm 1.
    Now open Alarm Signal. Here you can select either “Radio” or “Sound”.

    Headphones can be used to hear, but you will not be able to use it as mic. Mic is with the jack itself that connects headphone to the phone.


  3. namrita

    thanx a ton !
    on d site it says dat we need to
    connect d portable handsfree for d radio alarm to work ….does it
    come with d handset?

    also , is it possible to listen to
    radio and d walkman without d headfones??

  4. belthur


    That’s a cool phone. I have had couple of SE phones and I love them. I like that SE has finally given a 3.5mm jack. I have a K750i modded to W800i.. I have flashed the firmware. I am sure you can do it too. I am if you can get a custom firmware, you can change the camera drivers on the fly. Then you can get a K series camera driver for your phone. The main difference between the K and the W series in SE phones is the software and not the hardware. And many times, the drivers (camera, audio) etc are interchangable.

    However, if you are serious in your music, a 512mb card won’t suffice. I put in a 4gig card and the phone slowed down. Now I have a dedicated PMP, Zune 80g, though I still use my K750i daily.

    Good luck.

  5. Fabian

    I got that telephone 2 years but now the display is broken sometimes he do it. I sold him now for € 5.-

    it was a really good cellphone.
    i really like him:(

    Sorry for my englisch iam from netherlands:S