Concept Maps for sharing knowledge

A concept map is a graph to organize (domain) knowledge. It’s a way of representing concepts (entity/act/idea/process) and relationship between them. It is developed to facilitate learning and knowledge sharing among humans. Here is a simple concept map describing myself.

Concept Map of Ankit

The concept maps are quite similar to RDF Graphs, where we can explain entities and relate them with predicates only. With concept maps we can related any concept/idea with either predicate, act or relationship (RDF becoming more stricter).

Wish you a very Happy New Year!
– ankit

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3 thoughts on “Concept Maps for sharing knowledge

  1. Heena Jain

    Hey Ankit,

    Thanks a lot for jain mandir’s in pune information.
    Its really helpfull for new people in pune.
    As Daslakshan Parv is going on and i so much wanted to visit temple.

    Thanks for this information.

    Heena Jain

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