Beware of Orkut !!!

Following is a nice and real story by Mark Gosh. Must read for all Orkut users:
How Google Fails for Net Safety.

I have verified and this trick works!!! Once your account is hacked, even changing the password has no effect either.

Few months back I have written a post about our online privacy. And this is an example of how worse it can happen to you. Your views are welcomed.

Note: Recently one bug in Google Search caused all results to be flagged as malware.

– ankit

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2 thoughts on “Beware of Orkut !!!

  1. Mohit

    From past time, I am quite frustrated with Google services. Most irritating being the search, as Google is keeping a complete track of what I am searching. I logout of Google services but as soon as I login to any other service (Orkut etc.), and I open up other page, its again says I am signed in! Its pathetic because I really don’t want to share my data!

    That’s why I have started using Live search now and I am quite happy with it! It does not do that crap and solves my purpose. I am aso quite fed up of social networking sites and the way they are collecting data. I am keeping its use to the minimal these days.

    But dude, I am seriously wondering what happened to the “Google Ka Diwana” 😉

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