Bathing… What’s the big deal?

Disclaimer: This is a true story, names has been changed to protect privacy. It’s a stupid thought, and you are advised to read at your own risk!

Neo: Yaarr, aaj toh nahana hai 🙁
G9: then what’s the big deal man?

You should ask this question to one who takes bath, ya actually a Bath. Well everyone does, so what’s the big deal in this?

There are two kinda ppl in this world (your views are invited). First category belongs to those who take bath without knowing the fact they are having a bath. They just wake up in morning and head to bathroom, get shower and done. This is common routine for them, and perhaps they forget to enjoy those precious moments!!!

People in second category (where I fall) plan for bath well in advance, which day and what time. This is the time when they surrender by the odds for good health. Here is how it goes.

The battle begins: First they make their mindset, and then head for the battle ground. The man gets out of his room, holding ultimate weapons (bucket and jug 🙂 ) and a shield.

The first jug: I cannot forget that first jug of water. No matter how strong determination you have, you think twice at that moment. Once you get started then it’s a free dip into the ocean, where you are alone and enjoying. You enjoy every drop of hot water and hate to stop. And finally the delight – yes, I’ve done it.

Aftermath: Thank god! Now no need for bath for next 2-3 days (or a week/month for few).

So, when temperature outside is 10*C, you have to move your body out of your room to find available bathroom, take bath, walk back to your room through an open space, and when there is no direct sunshine, It’s a big deal ;)!

Your experiences are also invited.

– ankit
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