Buzzword: Cloud Computing

Youtube link for video: Larry Ellison – What The Hell Is Cloud Computing

Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle Corporation, describes all the fuzz around cloud computing in a short introduction. He touches very reasonable concern –

computing industry is the only industry more fashion driven than woman’s fashion

Of course, this is true. Think about the last 10 years, how many new languages introduced, how many new versions of existing languages, new frameworks are released everyday, etc; But what about the compatibility with old? Isn’t today we (as a system owner, who actually pays for software development) want to have a stable, low cost, maintenance free software. I want to install it once and be assured for rest of 5-10 years. New versions/frameworks comes with new bugs. Do you have a stable CRM/ERP that can help me in 5-10 years run?

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  1. Dottie

    When you mention all of the different languages and frameworks for Cloud Computing, it makes me realize how much flexibility the technology has needed to obtain in order to meet with organizational need for growth. Locking businesses into one vendor product is not an investment for the future.

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