Ubuntu (hardy) Default Keyring Password

You see a dialog asking “Enter password for default keyring to unlock

It’s really a weird behavior and that’s one more reason why I hate Ubuntu (but unfortunately I have to work on Linux box and Ubuntu seems to be the best of all distros). Read on..

Problem: When I connect to wireless network and give it wireless network password, it asks me for default keyring password.
Solution: Pointed out by Ivan Torres. This all starts the moment you change your first Ubuntu password (the one you have set at the time of installation) as it does not change keyring password. So, if your user password is changed, every time you log in Keyring Manager will ask for the password you supplied during Ubuntu’s installation. To fix this go to Applications -> Accessories -> Passwords and Encryption Keys), and then go to Edit -> Preferences menu. Select GNOME Keyring tab and change the password to match your actual Linux user password. Now one you use your

One thought on “Ubuntu (hardy) Default Keyring Password

  1. Gabriela

    That solution don’t work for me, but thanks.
    I think you should try gentoo or debian, ubuntu is definitely not the best linux distro.

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