Time to forget Mahatma

Today morning, I picked a few newspaper, expecting a glimpse of Mahatma Gandhi. You might know it’s 30th Jan, 62nd death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Well, none of these newspapers had a picture or an article on Mahatma Gandhi. These newspapers* are Times of India, Amar Ujala and The Economic Times.

Typically, on this day either government or some organizations publish public service ads declaring their vision. But today it seems our government is run out of funds. There were some ads by Ministry of Power, but that did not cover all leading publications. The TOI group has huge spaces and funds for promoting TimesNow and their reports’ bravery, but not for our freedom fighters.

Mahatma Gandhi
Ack: Wikipedia

* These newspapers are referred in Kanpur. Probably a Kanpur or Lucknow edition.