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Guten Tag,
These days I spend more time on flickr than any social network. Why? ahem.. I’m learning photography! Here is my photo-stream.

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Two books got chance to be in my reading list:

  1. The High Performance Entrepreneur, by Subroto Bagchi.
    Well, there is no golden rule which can bring success, and that’s fact! For all you need these books/talks is to keep you motivated, raised, working, rocking; else u may loose your aspiration in very early days. Thank you flipkart for delivering in absolute two days; you guys rock.
  2. Software Product Lines: Patterns and Practices, by Paul Clements, Linda Northrop.
    My supervisor, Dr TV Prabhakar, introduced me to this book and I could not stop reading first chapter. The writers have put a new perspective to my thinking about product lines, they describe very well what is not a software-product-line and what actually it’s. Building a software and serving multiple clients is not achieved by a great software architecture, instead you should think from a perspective of a product line. Just started reading this book. The book describes concepts with relevant case-studies as well.

book - high performance entrepreneur   book - Software Product Lines: Practices and Patterns
– Ankit
( Note: Guten Tag is everyday German greetings! )

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