Internet Speed at IITK

Recently Youtube has launched a tool to test your network’s speed and see historical data too. Here is what it shows for IITK’s ISP (vsnl-iitk).

speed-comparision(for vsnlproxy. as of 25 April,2010)

It means at IITK people download videos at an average speed of 5.3 kilo kbps. People here enjoy the best internet/networking infrastructure in UP (or probably in India too). The average speed is almost 10 times better than what an average Indian gets. If you see carefully, the average for Kanpur is pulled up 3 times compared to rest of India and UP. Why? I think it’s just because of IITK!

Note: The data for bsnlproxy is too different. Seems like using vsnlproxy downloads videos much faster.

– ankit

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