Thank you, Arti !

Every day is a regular day unless some moments make them special and memorable. I had one such day , and that’s why it deserves a mention here.

A girl, I meant dream-girl ;), came to my dreams, woke me up, tied my eyes and took me towards a special room. My expectations were on a high peak, and what I found was beyond my expectations, seriously. It was a room decorated, lit up and a cake to celebrate this special day, exactly at 12AM. Thanks Arti for making it wonderful, I never felt so special ever before on this day. You made my day.


I think we had fought more than the number of the days since our marriage (all because of my crazyness, and yeah.. some of yours too; and thanks to our settlement policy). But these are the times we will cherish and enjoy remembering them down the rest of our journey.



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