A visit to Bhongir Fort

Far from Hyderabad, on an isolated monolithic rock and for just Rs 3 entrance ticket, what you get is a glimpse of a biggest monolithic rock you would have ever seen or had a trek! Welcome to Bhongir Fort (or Bhuvangiri). Buvangiri is a small town located in Nalgonda district on Warangal-Hyderabad highway. It’s about 70 Kms from Cyderabad if you drive-through. You can also do bike trip. But we decided to take the public transport, and here is my travel-cum-photo log of the day trip.

The Railway Station
Distant View
Fort Entrance, the peak you see is just half way
The Guardian. Sardar Sarvai Panappa, the monarch of the Goud community and one time ruler of this fort and surrounding region.
Way to the summit
this Monolithic Rock rocks
Historic Walls
Reaching the summit, building on the right is a microwave repeater
The Fort, standing for last eleven centuries
The Ruined Fort
Inside Walls
Inside Walls

You will find steps engraved on this monolithic rock wherever required. There is railing along the steps to support you in trek. Once on the pinnacle, you find panorama view. For our visit the sky was cloudy, the wind was in full mood to swing us and loved standing against it. The fort on the top does not have much to offer as it is very old and ruined, but you are going to love these steep rocks. Don’t forget to climb to the roof!

How to reach Bhongir Fort from Hyderabad:

  1. Prefer to go there in the morning.
  2. Take 7:04 AM MMTS from Hafeezpeth to reach Secunderabad
  3. Board Telangana Express (17035) which departs at 8:20 AM
  4. Reach Bhuvangiri Station at around 9:10 AM
  5. The fort entrance is about a kilometer form railway station. You can take an auto-rickshaw for Rs <10 per head.
  6. Buy the entrance and camera tickets and head for the trek.
  7. The trek time depends on your excitement and energy. (around 1 Hr)
  8. While returning there are many trains as per your comfort. All of the following takes you back to Secunderabad. We boarded Intercity at 2pm.
    12:00 PM 17201 Golconda Express
    02:00 PM 17012 Belampalli – Hyderabad Intercity Express
    04:05 PM 67267 Warangal Hyderabad – MEMU
    04:27 PM East Coast Express.

Slideshow of the photos

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  1. Ajit Jain

    Thanks Ankit, it’s a great help.
    Kindly let us know if we can go by car and can start trek around 7 Am ?
    Will the gate / entrance open this time ?

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