Trip to God’s Own Country

Kerala, gods own country! Really? The only way to prove this statement is to head for a full week expedition and discover myself! So here is a travel log for my journey with Ankit.

Our trip was multi-city covering Munnar, Thekkady, Alappuzha, Kovalam, Kanyakumari and Kovalam.

We just had to-and-fro tickets pre-booked and no other bookings for hotels. Before we left we ensured what cities to visit, i.e. itinerary and researched about few hotels. Some exploration of the area and information from local people has helped a lot. So, this is about our experience of a 6 days trip full or excitement, scenic greenery, beaches and adventure with clouds. Where are you heading next?

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Simplest way for Cache Busting in NodeJS/Express

Caching in Web browsers is important. Without caching page performance is hurt as each page navigation requires the same set of JavaScripts and CSS files to be re-fetched. We can achieve caching by setting Cache-Control header’s max-age in the HTTP response headers. In NodeJS/Express stack, you do this done by passing options map to express.static() middle-ware.

However, the challenge is to discard or bust this client cache for new code deployments. As HTTP is a stateless protocol, there is no way server can tell clients to ignore old caches and request again. If you do set max-age:0 then we shall not arrive in this situation at all. However, we want to achieve caching and refresh this cache with new code deployments.

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How to remove self traffic from Google Analytics

How many times do you visit your product website in a day? 10 times a day Yes, you are obsessed like me. But the problem is – I always get bugged by too many visits from my city. Wondered how many of these are actual visitors? Recently I was deploying Google Analytic tracking code to some of the page of and found a deterministic way to exclude my own generated traffic. Solution: Google Analytics Web API has a feature to dynamically disable reporting of analytic data. For example, if you want a page to stop sending anymore analytics after…

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Styling Progress Bar for All Browsers

Basic usage of the new HTML5 progress bar is as follows. The ratio of max to value is current progress value out of 100% and visibly equivalent to the green bar you see on screen. <progress value=”5″ max=”10″ /> Let’s say following is the default style in three major browsers say Firefox, IE and Chrome: progress { } In your application you would like to have a consistent styling for progress-bar across all platforms. However, this is highly dependent on OS and Web Browsers. Let’s now focus on fixing some of them by setting the border and height. Did you…

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A visit to Bhongir Fort

Far from Hyderabad, on an isolated monolithic rock and for just Rs 3 entrance ticket, what you get is a glimpse of a biggest monolithic rock you would have ever seen or had a trek! Welcome to Bhongir Fort (or Bhuvangiri). Buvangiri is a small town located in Nalgonda district on Warangal-Hyderabad highway. It’s about 70 Kms from Cyderabad if you drive-through. You can also do bike trip. But we decided to take the public transport, and here is my travel-cum-photo log of the day trip.

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Inline jQuery misses CSS change event in IE10

The goal is to achieve slow rotation of an image infinitely. So, the trick i thought of using two CSS classes. First class is a base css. Another defines rotation and transform delay. Here are these two: .image_basic { overflow:hidden; } .image_rotate { -webkit-transform:rotate(3600deg); -moz-transform:rotate(3600deg); -ms-transform:rotate(3000deg); -o-transform:rotate(3600deg); transform:rotate(3600deg); -webkit-transition-duration: 400s; -moz-transition-duration: 400s; -ms-transition-duration: 400s; -o-transition-duration: 400s; transition-duration: 400s; transition-timing-function:ease-out ; transition-delay:0.2s; -webkit-transition-property: -webkit-transform; -moz-transition-property: -moz-transform; -ms-transition-property: -moz-transform; -o-transition-property: -o-transform; transition-property: transform; overflow:hidden; } It’s a transform for ten rotation over 400 seconds. This roughly gives you slow rotation indefinitely (assuming 400 seconds ~ 6 mins is enough time to stay…

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Times of India Alive App – Review

Today I came across an interesting app, Alive app from Times Of India. A very nice concept to engage smartphone users to interactive content. But this app is from TimesMobile, not Times Internet Limited. Whatever, lets go and try it out. I quickly opened web-browser on my Android 4.1 tablet and jumped to Install. Open. And here is what I felt about it, discouraging, my all hopes are stranded. Read on to know how wrong they are in marketing, technological advances, app design, and mobile user interfaces. (It should be noted that I have not used this app on…

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Thank you, Arti !

Every day is a regular day unless some moments make them special and memorable. I had one such day , and that’s why it deserves a mention here. A girl, I meant dream-girl ;), came to my dreams, woke me up, tied my eyes and took me towards a special room. My expectations were on a high peak, and what I found was beyond my expectations, seriously. It was a room decorated, lit up and a cake to celebrate this special day, exactly at 12AM. Thanks Arti for making it wonderful, I never felt so special ever before on this day. You made my day. I…

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Android Interview Questions

Hi Guys, Here are some Android test questions that I have compiled. Search for their answers by reading Android Docs. Post your answers in the comments. If you are too desperate for answers you can try . Which class is used to handle the Bluetooth on Android? Which package provide set of classes required to manage the Bluetooth on android sdk? What is a sticky intent? How to show a non-modal dialog/information on screen? OR What’s the purpose of Toasts. What is a 9-patch image and how to benefit from it? What is adb? Following are some more generous objective…

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