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I’m {PREF=”ID=cfd6bd57439bc4a9:TM=1205732323:LM=1205732323:S=tT1f1NaLxjumQJbv”}. I’m a regular Internet surfer. On an average I’m online for more than 8 hours a day and that makes me to think of a new phrase – ‘my online presence’, and somewhere it may hurt my privacy.

In Web 2.0 big companies are competing to gain as much as information about Internet users that they can show targeted contents especially ads.

The game players have already begun their game. They know about what web pages I visit, they know my friends, they know what I prefer to buy online, then know which newspaper I read frequently, which mail account I use frequently, what do I search every day, what videos I watch online, where do I live, how much time I spend on Internet, what types of ads made me to click. They have my all photographs, my daily calendar/schedule, my mails (may be your credit card statements in form of emails), and all my chat conversations. They even know what music I listen, my attitude, my behavior, and even what I’m doing currently.

They say it’s all automatic, machines (computers) read and process information giving you personalized service and there is no human interference. But reality may be different. Is all that these sufficient to protect your privacy?

Here is a bigger fear, giving all of your information in the hands on one single body! A single mistake in handling such massive information can lead to world’s biggest controversy in user’s privacy.

In short, I don’t want anybody to know the fact that the wristwatch I have given to my girl-friend for her last birthday was of just 100 bucks!

– ankit

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5 thoughts on “My Online Presence

  1. Mohit Batra

    Very right! This is extremely sensitive! But there is no check on it actually. Few days back, i went to some google’s app which says most heard song in a particular duration. It actually takes that information using GTalk, which I guess is not mentioned in their policy and is a clear breach. Normally, people don’t mind throwing away this information of theirs to these big fishes…but who knows this may cause some serious issues one day! On a positive note, this information could serve well in future from the perspective of artificial intelligence!

    Oh! by the way…who is this girlfriend? Do I know her πŸ˜‰

  2. Viral

    Google hired good no of sw engineers and
    paid them millions …
    they wrote millions of lines of code …
    and installed tons of server …
    and built few gbps fast network …
    To make sure they got this private (Classified : A+ TOP SECRET) info
    that u gave ur gf 100 rs watch and u …
    dame fool put this (worth 1000 rs ) information free on your blog πŸ˜€

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